5 Ways To Meet Unknown Dogs

Many people don’t know how to get acquainted with a dog they meet for the first time. The easiest way you can try is to feed him. The food you can provide is Life Abundance dog food. Maybe it doesn’t matter if the dog you meet is friendly or is used to humans, but what if the dog you meet is a dog that is timid or less friendly to strangers? It’s no wonder that sometimes the wrong way to get acquainted with it gets an unpleasant welcome or even ends up being bitten by a dog. Which then instead the dog is blamed and made the news as if the dog is the problem.

To avoid this, you should read the correct way or rules to get acquainted with a dog as below:

Rule # 1 – Stay in Your Position and Let the Dog Get Close to You
Always let the dog come near you, no matter how friendly the dog looks. Why? Because this allows the dog to interact with you in his way, and decide whether or not you are safe for him.

Rule # 2 – Respect His Space
Dog lovers usually tend to want to be as close as possible when petting a dog. But imagine if you were them: meeting new people who then immediately lean over you, and put their hands on your head and bring their faces very close to yours. What will you do?

Rule # 3 – It’s OK If Dogs Don’t Like You
Sometimes people may wonder why the dog they met doesn’t like them and continues to make efforts to get the dog to like them. But the truth is, the more you try to chase a timid dog, the more it will convince them that you are scary and quite violent. A better way is, step back, stop eye contact, and give him a chance to get to know you in his way.

Rule # 4 – Sniffing is not an invitation to stroking
Sniffing is a dog’s way of getting more information about you. Let the dog sniff you and then see where it goes afterward. Either he sniffs you and then goes back or he sniffs you and starts wagging his tail.

Rule # 5 See Dog Reactions
When you pet the dog, pet him once or twice (under the chin, not above the head), then stop and see what happens. If he’s enjoying what you just did, he will move closer or give you some other indication that your pout was accepted. If it moves away and doesn’t come back, that’s enough.

Tips for Owners Who Own Shy / Shy Dogs
If you have a dog who is shy or somewhat unfriendly to strangers, then it is your job to protect him from people who are overly eager to greet your dog. Don’t be afraid to tell them because the more negative interactions your dog has with humans, the more behavioral problems it has. Besides, it is also to prevent unwanted things from happening.

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