A New Definition of Art

There are so many people in this world who fall in love with magnificent art. If you are looking for some of good information about art then you can take a look at this http://viantricoff.over-blog.com site because it has a lot of information about art. Some of people probably only think art as the physical objects that we can see at some of famous galleries.

In fact, there are so many types of arts that actually invisible for our naked eyes. Some of scholars can define art as a deep thought that human creates in his brain. Some others poets can also perform their best arts through letters and then we recognize them as poems. There are also so many different types of arts that we have in each country in this world. All of them can represent the cultures and point of views from their local heritage and they also define about lives.

There are so many signatures of artists in their arts and most of them talk about the people or society in general. If you want to see so many types of arts you can go to the museum as well because some of museums have complete history of mankind. We must learn about art from trusted sources because if we get wrong information about arts then we will never know the truth of it. There are so many connections between art and human rights therefore some of human rights transcripts were made from the culture of mankind.

There are some of local laws that are already exist in certain communities thus we can’t change them immediately. Art defines so many aspects of life and people create their point of views because they want to make a history for the next generation. We can’t deny that all of us need to create a good heritage for the next generation in this world.

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