Behind the Delicious Fruit Salad, it Turns Out that it Can Ruin Your Diet

Salad should be food that can help you to diet and lose weight. Salad is a very simple type of food preparation, often without going through a cooking process where you can mix various types of vegetables and fruit in one bowl and then give them a dressing according to your taste. Foods rich in nutrients, low in calories, and free of cholesterol and excess fat. But it turns out, behind the deliciousness and benefits of fruit salad, it turns out that if it is not prepared properly it can ruin your diet. Don’t get caught up in the “goodness” of salad, here are salad mistakes that can make your diet a complete failure that workout den summarize.

Too many servings
When you follow a healthy diet, you can’t help but understand what foods are high in calories and which are few. Making fruit salad at random by including all kinds of fruit plus cheese plus mayonnaise dressing can be the main problem with salad-making your diet fail. Cheese and mayonnaise are two types of foods with high calories so even though consumed in the form of salads, high calories can interfere with the development of your diet. Choose a moderate fruit type, the portion doesn’t need a lot and choose a low-calorie dressing type.

Using dried fruit and nuts
Salad mistakes that can foil the next diet are including dried fruit in the salad, for example, raisins. Although the portion is small, dried fruit has a high sugar content, as well as canned fruit. You can include canned raisins or peaches in the salad but control the portions. Topping with almonds is also widely recommended in delicious salad recipes to give it some texture. But putting too many almonds will also add fat content to the salad. Roughly chop the nuts you intend to use so that each spoonful of salad has a nutty texture without having to use too many nuts.

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