Brow Lamination: The Full and Neat Eyebrow Trend

Shaping eyebrows can be done with an eyebrow pencil. In addition, eyebrow embroidery techniques are also a trend that is quite attractive. This new trend of brow display called brow lamination is also quite a hit. In applying make-up, the eyebrows are always the main focus that determines the overall look. The neatly shaped eyebrows will make the makeup look perfect, and vice versa. Unfortunately, not all women can shape their eyebrows properly and produce a well-groomed brow look. That means it’s time to try a new trend in beauty, keratin eyebrow lamination.

Brow lamination is known as a treatment that will make eyebrow hair look fuller or according to the owner’s wishes. In other words, your eyebrow hair will appear to be growing in the same direction. This treatment involves a chemical process to restructure the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape. This brow lamination will not injure the skin and the eyebrow hair will remain flexible to be adjusted at will. In conclusion, a brow lamination is similar to a normal smoothing applied to hair.

Brow lamination is suitable for anyone and can be applied to all types and types of eyebrow hair. Even though the eyebrows have gaps, this treatment is still reliable. Especially for those who have messy eyebrows and are difficult to manage, brow lamination is the best solution today. The results of the brow lamination will last for 8 weeks. After that, the shape of the eyebrows will return to their natural growth.

Treatment after brow lamination treatment is actually not that difficult. After 24 hours of finishing treatment, you should avoid water and steam on your eyebrows. Everyday care can be done by combing the eyebrows using a mascara wand or spoolie. The use of serum is also needed to nourish eyebrow hair that has just been exposed to chemicals. Eyebrow hair is maintained and healthy.

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