Condominium Easy Payment Methods For Investment

The process of buying a property in Singapore is quite easy. However, not all types of property can be purchased by foreigners from abroad without Singapore citizenship status. Condos, apartments, commercial and industrial properties are types of property whose ownership is not limited by citizenship status. Condos because the process is easy, without restrictions, without requests, a wide market scope because everyone can buy, and the potential for greater profits in the international free market. One of them that you could use as an investment is the Irwell Hill condo.

Broadly speaking, condos can be classified into 3 categories for different payment methods they are new condos under construction & from direct developers, new condos that are ready to live in & are still from the direct developer and new or old condos & sellers are private non-developer unit owners. After you find the residence you want, here are the various payment methods for buying an Irwell Hill condo in Singapore. The way to buy and pay for a condominium that is being built by a direct developer is through a gradual payment called a progressive payment scheme. This scheme determines the percentage of the price to be paid at certain stages of the construction of the condominium building and its facilities.

For condominiums that are ready to live in, the Progressive Payment Scheme is no longer valid because generally ready-to-live condos have passed 9 stages or even all of them. However, for condos that are still being sold from developers like Irwell Hill, developers usually have their payment schemes to attract potential buyers. For example, a special discount for buyers who choose the normal payment scheme, a delayed payment scheme of 12 months / 24 months, and an installment scheme while occupying. This payment scheme is an installment scheme from the developer, outside the housing loan facilities for those who take it from the bank. The normal payment scheme type of condo is marketed in the secondary market or more commonly known as the resale market in Singapore which has the fastest payment term.

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