Do You Know These Types Of Domain Extensions?

Domain extensions are what appear at the suffix for our website address, sometimes .com .net .org .co, and many more. This is what is known as a domain extension. However, what we need to know is that each domain extension has its meaning. This is made to make it easier to categorize the types of websites and to make it easier for others to know which websites we are using for what purposes. Domain extensions are divided into two types, namely global domain extensions and local domains. Global domains are domains that apply globally, like .com for example, many websites from any country use a domain with this extension. Meanwhile, local domains are versions of global domains with the extension added to make it clearer for a website or company to operate in which country. The domain with the extension .com actually stands for Commercial. So actually the right use for a domain with this extension is for websites with commercial purposes. Meanwhile, if you need a domain that suits the New Zealand website, you can try domain registrar NZ.

However, because .com is the oldest and most widely used domain. So you could say that it’s okay to use this extension even though it’s not for commercial purposes.

.org domain extension

Next is a domain with the extension .org which stands for Organization. This domain is for organizations, institutions, foundations, or parties.

.net domain extension

Domain with the extension. Net which stands for Network is a domain that is usually used by companies engaged in communications, telecommunications, and so on.

.info domain extension

The .info domain extension, which is an abbreviation of Information, is a type of domain that is intended for websites that provide information but are non-profit.

So it does not have advertisements and so on on the website.

.biz domain extension

.biz stands for Business. This domain was created as an alternative to the .com domain earlier. But I don’t recommend using this .biz extension because it is often detected as SPAM!

.me domain extension

This domain extension is the most unique because it is not an abbreviation, but yes it means individual domains.

This domain is created for those who want to write but will not commercialize their website.

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