Doing A Healthy Lifestyle Is The Best Way To Boost Weight-Loss Drugs Efficiency

After trying various ways, many people finally decided to take weight loss drugs (slimming drugs). Well, in certain cases such as obesity, prescription drugs (hard drugs) are used to help lose weight. For information, an adult is said to be obese if he has a BMI (Body Mass Index) value of more than 30 kg / m2. BMI can be calculated using the formula: Weight (Kg) / Height (m2). Of course, the use of these drugs must also be under the supervision of a doctor. The problem is, many women are simply taking slimming drugs without consulting a doctor first. Moreover, many of them also get these drugs from places that are not guaranteed and consume them only based on the testimonies of others, so that the efficacy and safety of these drugs are also not guaranteed. However, if you’re looking for a weight-loss drug that has good quality and it’s relatively safe, you can check out Phen Q.

So don’t drink carelessly with only other people’s testimonials. Carelessly taking weight-loss drugs, especially if the origin is not clear, can be bad for the body, ranging from irritation to stomach / intestinal ulcers, the risk of stroke to a heart attack.

Meanwhile, there are also several drug combinations whose use is approved by the FDA for weight loss by suppressing appetites such as the combination of Phentermine-Topiramate and Naltrexone-Bupropion.

The use of these drugs is certainly not without side effects. Therefore it is very important to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Even if after 12 weeks of taking the drug but there is no weight loss, you should return to consult a doctor to change therapy.

In terms of health, I believe that nothing is instant. All require process and discipline. Therefore, consuming only weight loss drugs will not be effective if it is not balanced with a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight, reducing food portions is one of the main ways, but you still have to eat regularly and have a balanced diet, not deliberately starving or fasting your body.

Even sports, need to be adjusted to the body’s abilities. Do not overload your body with strenuous exercise to burn lots of calories, but end up getting sick. Do and consume what you need in moderation.

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