How To Choose Women’s Watches

In recent decades, watches have become increasingly popular with both women and men. In fact, in the era before the 20th century, watches were only used by women for jewelry purposes rather than as a timepiece. That hasn’t changed until now, the display remains number one in women’s hours. The womens watch can be an addition to the right accessories to enhance your appearance, or it can also be your trademark. However, the display is only one of several criteria that must be considered when you want to buy a watch. Maybe not many women pay too much attention to the technical specifications of a watch, but the movement is very important to understand because this is the heart of a watch. Swiss movement watches are the best choice. For its type, the Swiss movement has two choices, mechanical movement, and quartz movement.

The mechanical movement has a higher class because it is made with quality technical details and can be a matter of pride. However, mechanical movement requires extra care. If it is manual winding, you must rotate your watch periodically. If you are self-winding, you must use the watch frequently to keep the accuracy of the time right. Powered by batteries, watches with quartz movement have good accuracy and are also more accessible. Because it uses a battery, you only need to replace the battery once every 2-3 years.

Match the colors. In terms of color, the most important thing is to match it to the color of your skin. In general, skin color is divided into two, cold and warm. You can look at your blood vessels to determine whether your skin is cold or warm. If your blood vessels are blue, then your skin type is cold. You will be suitable to use soft and bright colors like blue, pink, and purple. Meanwhile, if your blood vessels are green, then the type of color of your skin is warm, it is generally more suitable to use watches with dark colors or pastels that tend to peach.

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