Important Features For A Dashcam

Lately, the dashboard camera (dashcam) has been widely used by car users. And nowadays there are many dashcams available in various brands and types. No need to be difficult anymore to find it. But, don’t just pick dashcam either. If you want a dashcam, you have to make sure that the camera has at least the following three basic features. To see the DASHCAM REPORT, you can visit our website.

Loop feature
First, it has a loop feature. This feature is quite helpful if you are someone who likes to forget to move recordings. So when the memory card is full and you forget to move, the camera can still record. But it’s good to move the recordings periodically. Or if you don’t need a recording, it can be deleted periodically.

G-Force sensor
Second, the G-Force sensor. This sensor allows the camera to protect the recorded video as soon as a sudden deceleration is detected. This means that the video will remain safe even if the car is involved in an accident.

Night Mode
Third, night mode. Make sure the camera you want to buy has a night mode feature. Why? Less lighting will affect the camera caught. If the camera has this feature, at least the image can look clearer.

Several dashcams to choose from:

Hella DR 530
Hella DR 530 is one of the best dashcam recommended for you. One of the advantages of the dashcam is that it has a smart gesture sensing feature. This feature can record you waving at the sensor on the camera.

Philips CVR108
The Philips CVR108 is one of the best dashcams recommended for you to install in your car. The advantage of this brand is that it has a lens angle of 130 degrees. The presence of this lens allows you to record events over a wider and wider range. Don’t worry, because the camera has a high resolution, which is 1080. This results in very good image quality. In addition, it is equipped with the G-sensor Lock feature. This feature functions to save data automatically in memory. This way, the recorded video in your dashcam memory will not be lost.

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