Know the Various Types of leather

This type of leather is a basic material that we usually find in fashion, especially in luxury fashion. Leather is widely used as a raw material for wallets, bags, jackets, shoes, belts, and so on. Most people only know about two types of leather, namely genuine leather, and faux leather. But actually there are many types of leather, such as full-grain, top grain, and bonded leather.

Full Grain Leather
Full-grain leather comes from the top layer of leather that still has a visible texture, so it is called full-grain. The natural surface of full grain leather will become shiny and beautiful over time. You could say that full-grain leather is the best raw material for leather. In the manufacturing process, full-grain leather is not polished or softened to remove the damaged texture. With a layer of leather that is still intact, making full grain leather has the best fiber strength and resistance.

Top Grain Leather
Top Grain leather has the second-best quality under full-grain leather. This is because the top grain leather itself comes from the top of the full-grain leather which is separated and then polished/softened and refined. This process will remove blemishes or scars on the skin. Top grain leather does not become more beautiful with time and use. This type of leather is the material referred to in the term “fine leather goods” which you can find in high-end women’s wallets or men’s wallets made by designer/luxury brands.

Bonded Leather
Bonded leather is the lowest quality leather material. Made from the remains of skin fragments that are no longer used, which are then put together using glue. Bonded leather is of poor quality and is not durable / breaks down quickly. Several types of genuine leather are also made from bonded leather, which is refined and refurbished. This type of leather is common in genuine leather goods, which are cheap and low-end.

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