Minimalist Garden Design On Narrow Land

Home gardens are often the most recently noticed. However, you should not underestimate the existence of the part because the existence of the park can make your home look more beautiful and beautiful. For you who are confused because you have limited land, you don’t need to worry, landscaping surrey will help you in designing the park to be more attractive even with narrow land. As we know, creating a garden design in a narrow area does look difficult. So to overcome your confusion, some minimalist garden designs maybe your good solution.

First, design a garden in a narrow space next to the house. In a narrow area, often the open area of the house is only left on the side of the house. Usually, this area is a shortcut from the front of the house to go directly to the kitchen or other back of the house area. In this case, instead of just allowing it to function as a road, you can enhance the appearance of this area with a minimalist garden design. Because the side area of the house that is usually elongated, the design of this park must also be adjusted to the elongated pattern. For example, by planting trees in a row in a straight line following the length of available land.

Second, the design of the garden in the balcony area. The balcony area can also be used to apply a garden design. Usually, this land is semi-outdoor or still roofed. Therefore, you should place plants that are not too big and tall. Ornamental plants in pots are the most suitable to be placed here. To add to its natural impression, you can replace the floor of your upper terrace with a wooden floor so it looks more natural. Also, add furniture such as patio chairs to complete the look of a minimalist garden in a narrow area.

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