OTT Advertising Provides More Diverse Marketing Types

Apps that are interested in advertising on OTT don’t have many options at the moment. However, customers with limited funds base their decisions on purchasing power so advertising-backed video on demand (AVOD) is becoming increasingly popular in the crisis era, with a growth of 148%. Therefore, this issue will be resolved in the future. The ad format on ott advertising is getting more and more innovative, Hulu Sling TV offers pause ads, introducing a ‘happy hour’ at prime time for free.

Freemium models like this will be increasingly popular in the future so that the marketing for OTT will be more diverse.

When the impact of COVID-19 subsides, customers may feel ‘bored with subscription services’ someday.

OTT users generally follow content, therefore customers usually stop subscribing when a well-known TV show has ended.

This factor combined with the high growth of the platform will make it difficult for users to watch popular TV shows with only one or two types of subscription packages.

Users, who want to watch the hot talk of TV shows, will probably have a higher tolerance for commercials so they don’t miss an episode.

We’re used to seeing commercials on TV and YouTube. The relationship between advertising and OTT content will change as content that has not fully switched to OTT – such as live sports – begins to switch to streaming platforms.

Sports events are closely tied to advertising and Amazon Prime’s decision to go live with NFL Thursday Night Football will be a frequent choice in the future.

In other countries, this is quite common. Indian OTT platform Hotstar acquired the rights to broadcast the Indian Premier League in 2017, leveraging Indian fanaticism for cricket to boost user growth.

This growth helped Disney dominate the Indian market when Disney + partnered with Hotstar.

In the long run, the number of ads served on OTT will increase. These advertisements can be displayed in the streaming window or displayed on objects or banners in the stream.

TV is a very defining element of our culture, which is why mobile marketers should pay attention to the OTT sector.

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