This Is Morgan Stanley’s Strategy When The Market Volatility Increases

Morgan Stanley will focus on further product development amid unprecedented market volatility due to economic uncertainty amid the pandemic. William Greene, Managing Director and Head of Asia Research for Morgan Stanley said further development of the product will also be accompanied by increased two-way interaction and access with clients, as well as innovating communication channels. He stated that they had significantly increased virtual involvement through daily webcasts and online investor conferences. In addition, they also increase virtual involvement by using the AlphaWise alternative data platform, which is their latest breakthrough. He said a variety of industry-leading products from Morgan Stanley’s research – such as Blue papers, Foundations, Insights, Ideas, and Updates – presented differentiable content from in-depth search, long-term methods, and reports that could form the basis of policy. Meanwhile, if you need more info regarding market volatility, you can visit right away.

Based on an Institutional Investor survey, Asia Pacific Research from Morgan Stanley continues to show high performance in markets, sectors, and macro/strategies. Morgan Stanley was ranked first in the Thematic Equity Strategy and Research and second in Economics and Quantitative Research. Among the twelve markets, Morgan Stanley was ranked first in six countries, namely Australia / New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan, and second in six other countries, namely China, Hong Kong, India, and South Korea.

Meanwhile, by sector, Morgan Stanley was ranked first for research in the Automotive & Auto Parts, Technology / Semiconductor and Telecommunications industries. In addition, Morgan Stanley also ranked second in research for the Bank, Consumer, Game and Hospitality, Internet, Power, Small-Medium Enterprises, Technology / Hardware, IT Technology / Services, and Transportation.

Morgan Stanley also ranked first in the annual ranking of the All Asia research team from the Institutional Investor magazine. The Institutional Investor 2020 ranking of the All-Asia Research Team was compiled based on a poll of 4,800 professional investment practitioners from 1,300 institutions. The Asian research team from Morgan Stanley ranks in the 35 categories available, of which 11 are ranked first, 18 teams are ranked second, and 5 teams are ranked third,

Thus, the survey which includes ex-Japan (AxJ) Asian countries places 34 teams from Morgan Stanley in the top three positions.

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