Want a Sixpack Stomach Without Going to the Gym?

Have you successfully made your stomach look flat? What is the next step now? It turns out that not only men can make his stomach into a sixpack, you can too. Below you can see some practical ways to shape your stomach into a sixpack without having to go to the gym. You can try one and done workout meredith shirk.

To do a bicycle crunch, you must lie on the floor with your body straight against the floor, where your hands are placed next to your head, then lift your legs slightly up, bend your left and right legs alternately like when you are pedaling a bicycle, then lift the head and upper body and point the right elbow to the left knee in turn.

To do hip extension, lie on your back, then pile both feet on a Swiss ball with both hands relaxed at the side of the body, then lift both legs alternately up, repeating this 10 times for each leg.

Mountain climber is a full-body workout exercise that involves most of the muscles of the body and can burn more calories in a short time. The trick is to position your body like a push-up motion, with your hands resting on the floor and your right leg bent forward, Swap the position of the left and right legs quickly so that the right leg is straight back and the left leg is bent toward the body. Continue to repeat this movement several times, at least up to 10 times.

In hip raise, lie on your back with your arms open at your sides, then bend your knees upward, then lift your hips up, hold this position for a few moments, then return to its original position. The most important of these various types of exercise is that you have to do it regularly and maintain your diet and protein intake so that this exercise can successfully build your stomach muscles.

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