Why Should You Use Video Mapping?

Have you ever seen a video with stunning visuals and interactive? Or have you ever heard of the term video mapping? The type of video that combines video and a projector is usually shot at objects, buildings, or even cloth. Although in some countries not many have used video mapping as a medium for their promotion or events, the potential that this medium can achieve looks promising. As one of the most dazzling and innovative lighting techniques, video mapping can serve as a message loader or a story. You can also check out 3D Projection Mapping Dubai if you need the best video mapping performance for your event.

Using video mapping will provide its own selling point for your exhibition or company. Video mapping requires a dark place or it is usually done at night so that there is a contrast from the projection colors. The background will also be affected as it will create a bright and vivid projection color.

Video Mapping can help make it easier to visualize the ideas of companies and communities that are imaginary in nature. With attractive and interactive visuals. Illusion games can also be displayed in Video Mapping content as if we can see changes in the shape of objects, collapsed buildings, streams, and the like.

Video mapping can present more stories from billboards, bigger than TV screens, more memorable than print media, so video mapping will be more attractive to the public and effective for use in advertising and marketing.

By using special software such as Resolume and the like. Video mapping can create the illusion of objects exposed to projection light. 2 or 3-dimensional objects are mapped spatially into a virtual program that resembles the original shape of the object that is used as the display screen.

Because of its advantages, Video Mapping is often used for Esport competition tournaments, product launches, educational exhibitions, or even company branding. Will make it easier for companies, creative communities, and artists to convey their brand message to the public domain.

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