Write Using A Fountain Pen

Writing with a fountain pen or ink pen is different from writing using a ballpoint pen. If you have to press a ballpoint pen, you don’t need to press it if you write with a fountain pen. The ink will automatically flow due to the influence of gravity. Writing using a Fountain Pen has its privileges because of the nib which feels more accurate when sticking to the paper. Besides, this fountain pen is often considered a luxury item and a symbol of one’s status. Usually, fountain pens are used to sign important documents or the like. This pen can also be used for everyday writing as well as regular ballpoint pens. If you are interested in this pen, you can get various types of fountain pens that you want at the URL.

Besides, fountain pens can be used for artistic purposes such as expressing handwriting, calligraphy, as well as professional art and design. The use of fountain pens has the characteristics of a timelessly elegant design, beauty, and a smooth feeling when used. When you get used to using a fountain pen and then switch to using a pen, there is an unusual strange feeling because you have to get used to pressing the pen while writing.

On the other hand, the use of fountain pens can also reduce physiological stress from writing activities. Some people also believe that using fountain pens can improve academic performance. In some countries, it is also mandatory to use this pen starting from elementary grade to teach children to control their writing better.
Some of these pens are valued as works of art. The designs and ornaments are made very unique, using precious metals and jewelry. This pen enthusiast collects and uses antic pens. Collectors collect antic pens for display in closed glass cabinets.

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